Barry Duane Reid Creamer

Passed 03/30/2022


Obituary For Barry Duane Reid Creamer

Barry Duane Reid Creamer passed away after showing strength and resilience in a lengthy battle against diabetes. He leaves behind his mother Rosalie Creamer, daughters Sylvia (Jordan) Beirnes, Sarah Creamer (Dustin White) and his partner Darlene Parker. He is pre-deceased by his father Robert Reid and adoptive father James (Jim) Creamer.

Barry was the only child of Rosalie and Robert Reid. He lost his father at a young age and was very fortunate in being adopted by Jim, who made the family circle complete again.

A talented musician with a zest for life, he spent many years working for Roland Canada and found great joy working from Vancouver and Japan and everywhere in between. His stories from this time in his life were legendary, and the friends he made were for a lifetime.

Vancouver is also where he welcomed his daughters Sylvia and Sarah into the world. From the moment they entered the world he was quick to share his big dreams, his compassion for others, his laughter and his love of music with them.

Barry lived a thousand lifetimes, with jobs that took him around the world. In his younger years he took just about any job that would get him closer to his goals. A good Barry story (of which there are many), always had an obscure job that put some money in his pocket and brought a gleeful smile to his face when he recounted those times in his mind. His mastery of music, movies and innovation were where he thrived in his career.

His daughters Sylvia and Sarah were his true pride and joy. There truly wasn’t anything he didn’t believe they could do as long as they worked hard and remained kind. His love and support throughout their lives will never be forgotten.

He and his Mother Rosalie had an incredible bond that got them through many tough times, and many wonderful ones. With Jim in the Air Force they moved a lot and always knew they were a constant in each other’s lives. They knew how to make each other laugh and shared a love for current events, animals (most notably his childhood dog Teddy) and their families.

Barry and his partner Darlene spent many years living in Barbados. Another mark on the map filled with incredible stories and friendships. Darlene came back to Canada with Barry where she provided great support to him as he faced many health challenges over the years.

Those who know Barry know he was magnetic. His kindness, big heart and sense of humour was felt by all. His “Hey Darlin’” greetings will forever be missed but be close to our hearts.

Thank you to the incredible staff at the QEII Hospital. They took exceptional care of Barry. They told us often that he was kind and happy and resilient and that there was no one quite like him. We couldn’t agree more.

A celebration of life will take place on Tuesday April 5th at the Waegwoltic Club, 6549 Coburg Rd from 2pm - 5pm with eulogies beginning at 3pm.

Music was pivotal in Barry’s life and he also had a deep love and respect for the Indigenous Community. Donations can be made in his honour to ArtsCan Circle.

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  • 06/29/2024

    I just found this obituary online while searching Google for old friends and acquaintances. This must be the same Barry Creamer who lived in Victoria BC in 1971. Why do I think that? Because his passion for music, especially guitar music, was legendary, he never went anywhere without his guitar hanging off his shoulder. I would see Barry frequently, sitting with new acquaintances jamming away, with Barry on guitar and the other young musicians playing whatever instrument they had while they all sang. Barry was the magnet that brought these rag-tag musicians together for impromptu jam sessions in local parks, at bus stops, in the city's centennial square, on the beach, or wherever he met other musicians, and these jam sessions often went on late into the evening...midnight was still early for Barry!! While I'm writing this I can still hear Barry's distinctive voice in my head, his speaking mannerisms were distinctive; always a slow speaker with Barry's unique emphasis on key words for emphasis and emotion with interspersed outbursts of enthusiasm, especially when talking about music or musicians. After Barry moved away from Victoria, I saw him one last time in Vancouver's Stanley Park, driving a Rolls-Royce that belonged to his girlfriend's father. When Barry saw me on the sidewalk, he hit the brakes on the Rolls-Royce jumped out of the car and came over and chatted for several minutes to catch up on our lives since the last time we had seen each other. He was still the same Barry, always happy, always pleasant, and enthusiastic about everything in life. After reading the obituary and the comments from his friends and family, I know this has to be the same Barry Creamer I knew in Victoria, he was a very unique person in 1971 and I can tell from the comments that he stayed the same genuine person throughout his life. Condolences to all of various family and friends. Paul Hager Victoria, BC

  • 04/05/2022

    On our last call in early January I teased you about your reprobate look, and you chuckled hard, stroking your hair and stubbly beard, saying you'd been working on it for awhile. We caught up on both our families and reminisced a bit about years passed. You wanted to get back to the coast for a visit. I'm going to miss you Barry. We shared a path in this lifetime and for that I'm truly grateful. There was lots of mischief and debauchery and many, many hearty laughs. I remember the night you went missing on Val and Derek's boat and we found you sleeping in the curl of the sail, all comfy in a cocoon. There was something about a parrot that night too but I can't quite remember.. How about all the summers at Kye Bay!! Sunny days and sandbars, guitars, keyboards, limbo sticks and mics for the kids, campfires, Christmas in July, dance parties in the trailer. So many wonderful memories! And when you headed east, and Audrey and I secretly wrote "Halifax or bust" on the back of the RV knowing you had to go to Prince George first. There were a lot of honks and finger pointing, "wrong way buddy!" on that trip! How about the time you drove Mom and Janice the wrong way on a one way street in Barbados?? You turned the car around and put it in reverse so at the least it had the appearance of going in the right direction! You were one proud papa Barry, there was no doubting your deep love for Sylvia and Sarah. I'm grateful Sylvia and I are forever birthday buddies and that I carry the most precious image of Sarah with her sparkly eyes, wide beautiful grin and a mouthful of sand. We had good times didn't we Barry? And good conversations. A lot of life happened over those years. I'm grateful for the beautiful tribute you wrote for my Dad, it meant a lot to the entire family. He loved you too. And your support when Cindy passed and of course Ryker. I take great comfort in knowing they were there to greet you on the other side, arms outstretched in welcome, ready for the next act. Going to miss you Barry, your "Hey Darlin" calls, your chuckle, your sense of humour and positive spin on everything. Just know you had an impact on my life, and I'm a richer person for having known you. Be well my friend, Love Shar

  • 04/04/2022

    Barry Creamer has always been a legendary figure at Roland. We was one if not the first F/T employee back in 1981 just as the electronic musical instrument market was exploding. Barry probably drove or flew to every music store in every city in Canada to promote and sell the Roland brand. He always had incredible ideas and visions of the future and he told these stories while the world tried to keep up with him. RIP Barry for your family at Roland and may you find peace and good music on the other side.

  • 04/02/2022

    Very sorry to learn of Barry's death. He will be greatly missed. First time I met him and his family he as just moving home from BC. He called me looking for a new home. He and the family came to our house for the night a bbq and a good night rest for them after driving across Canada in a motor home. Great memories. Very sorry for all his family.

  • 04/02/2022

    I'm so sorry to learn about Barry's death. I'll never forget the day he walked into a family reunion and I realized the man I'd been working with was my cousin. I'm so glad we had that day. My mother Dolly, his grandmother's sister, was still living then and she filled him in on lots of family stories. We sang together. It was such a good day. His obituary is beautifully written and I am glad but not surprised at the full and interesting life he has led. My condolences and love to all of his family and friends.

  • 04/01/2022

    I will never forget Barry's generosity and hospitality when I needed to stay in Bedford when my parents were at the Berkeley. I laughed all the time and spent many happy hours with Barry and Dar on the porch! He was truly one of the greatest human beings on earth. My deepest condolences to all his family and friends. Love from Linda Fairchild, Dave Holt's sister.

  • 04/01/2022

    Barry was one of my first mentors starting at Roland when I was so young. So many hours on the road with him, talking business, life, love and music. So many late nights and early morning breakfasts. It was a privilege to get to know him so well and to learn from him. In many ways he shaped my perspective and advanced my knowledge, Barry Creamer was an awesome person.

  • 04/01/2022

    Many successes in our lives happen because of champions who believe in us. Barry Creamer was one of my greatest champions. My years and projects with Roland synthesizers, as well as multi-media installations, planetariums, films, live appearances all happened because Barry said "you should get Amin for this". Thank you Barry for being you and being that magnetic energy for so many of us in the arts. My condolences and my gratitude to his family and his friends. - Amin Bhatia, composer.

  • 04/01/2022

    Sending our condolences from Grand Manan.I Terry would be a second cousin unfortunately we didn't get to know Barry, but certainly wished we had. We do know his mom and would like to express our deepest sympathies to you all hugs ... Terry and Donna Brown P

  • 04/01/2022

    Sylvia, Sarah and family, we are so sorry to hear of the loss of your dad. We will always remember Barry's warmth and smile and most of all what a great dad he was ! Love to you all! Debby and Tom Rudolph

  • 04/01/2022

    Barry at the keyboards jamming in Eddy Grant's studio..musicians dropping in to his home in Barbados...dancing with a Santa statue ( you had to be there!) ...wanting to make a Lego movie before there WAS a lego movie.. finding the "best burger EVER" for Terry...Bedford house full of instruments and music...hearing Barry singing Wild Horses will always be in my mind. Barry said he should write a book but was unsure of labeling it as fiction or non fiction as noone would believe the tales unless you knew this man. He joked till the end..always had a chuckle ready. Wherever he may be now will be a far more interesting place with Barry Creamer there. Miss ya. Love to Dar, Sylvia and Sarah

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