Darren Cook

Passed 12/30/2023


Obituary For Darren Cook

COOK, Darren age 54 passed away peacefully at the Halifax infirmary surrounded by his family on December 30th 2023. Born in Grandfalls NFLD he was the son of Randell and Jane (Bragg)

Darren is predeceased by his Paternal Grandparents Elam and Edwina and Maternal Grandparents Don and Ella.

Darren loved the outdoors which included hunting and fishing with his dad and friend Donald. Many who knew Darren knew he was a perfectionist in anything he did and most recently took up the art of working with leather.

Darren leaves behind his father Randy and Step mother Kathy, mother Jane (Julio), Siblings Randy, Kevin (Tracy) and Danielle (Mike), Nephew Aiden and Niece Madison, many Aunts, Uncles and Cousins as well as special friend Stephanie

Cremation has taken place and a drop in celebration of life will be held at Iona Church hall, 90 Lucien Drive, on January 13th 2024 1pm-3pm

In lieu of flowers donations can made to the Maritime connective tissue clinic

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  • 01/12/2024

    Randy and family, your sad news has just reached us here in Marystown. We are so, so sorry for your loss. Darren sounds like an extraordinary man. Hard working, respected, determined and a keen fisherman to boot, with the best of friends and family. Then Darren's picture, such a kind face. Reading his tribute, the condolences, make me feel like I missed out on knowing an amazing cousin. My heart aches for all of you. Hugs to you and yours, Sandra and Paul

  • 01/10/2024

    Jane and family, I'm so very sorry to hear of Darren's passing. Our prayers are thoughts are with you all. Sending hugs and love. Nadine and family

  • 01/10/2024

    Jane: We spoke such a short while ago about Darren, and I was so surprised to recently hear he has passed. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all Darren's family. He spent so many years in pain, but is with God in heaven now, and at peace.

  • 01/08/2024

    Darren and I go back a long way.I met him some 25 years ago when he was a healthy young man who enjoyed life to the fullest as an avid hunter and fisherman.Over the years I had the privilege of helping him deal with his Marian's disease as it gradually took away all of those things that he enjoyed in life.We would talk often of his struggles.Sadly I am away and was not able to say goodbye in person but did get to speak to him by phone shortly before he passed.Darren sent me a wonderful letter back in 2013 which is very dear to me and I would like to share this with you his friends and family. "Earlier this year,several of my friends contacted me to go trout fishing.I had always responded by telling them that they don't understand,I am permanently disabled and my right side doesn't work properly.Needless to say,I thought about giving it a try and often thought about the conversations you and I had about fishing.One day my best friend asked me again and I finally agreed to give it a try.Knowing I wouldn't be able to fish the same holes as my friends due to slippery rocks fast current and rough terrain I changed my strategy a little.I'd let them use all the little usual spinners,spoons and such that have given us so much success over the years.I planned on concentrating on huge lures and producing quality over quantity.We all travelled to our favourite river.Everyone was patient with me trying to reach the rivers edge ,but I urged them to go ahead and I would be along but I didn't make it to any of the first 6 and best holes.Everyone felt bad,I did my best to put on a good face and tell them I was just happy to be outdoors(although my line was crying to be wet).The terrain was just to rough for me. We finally arrived at the last hole of the day.It had a smooth path down through the woods and I figured I just might be able to make it.When I finally arrived at the waters edge,it seemed the others had already caught the holes resident trout.Sure I thought ,I might be able to get a small straggler or one travelling into the hole for the first time.Sticking to my game plan,I tied on an 11 cm black and silver floating rapala with 3 big treble hooks on it(we don't normally use lures this big).My heart began to beat a little faster.....not because of the anticipation of catching a fish but because I was actually fishing. I took aim and threw the lure in the current for the first time in years.I closed the bail and began to crank the reel causing the lure to dive.Within a few seconds something grabbed the lure and began to pull.I suddenly realized I had a very nice fish on and I had broken one of my cardinal rules that I had preached to my friends for years,never go trout fishing without your net.I yelled to my friends that I had a "lunker" on and had forgot my net.One friend says ya ya .....hang on I'm coming.I asked that he please hurry because it was a nice one and I really didn't want to lose it.He finally arrived and said"wow,that is a nice one" and he netted a 4 lb beautiful fat speckled trout.All my friends eyes were as big as golf balls.A true trophy for anyone trout fishing here in Nova Scotia in my opinion If that's the last trout I ever catch in my life,I am happy,It wouldn't have been possible without you, RIP Buddy and happy fishing

  • 01/05/2024

    So sorry for your loss..sending my condolences to you all....Verna Bushulak

  • 01/05/2024

    I met Darren on the bus, on our first day of college. We became fast friends and I truly loved him for who he was; funny, smart, creative, a true story teller and always a great conversation. I spoke with Darren before Christmas and regret not telling him how much I respect, appreciate and love him. I hope he knows now. 😢 Condolences to the family. Linda Hudson-Davis - Linder Pinder to Darren 🙂

  • 01/03/2024

    Kathy, Randy Sr and family my deepest sympathies with the loss of Darren, he will be missed deeply by my brother Donald. I have always asked how Darren was making out battling his disease, his home, love life, and whatever new hunting stories he shared Growing up on Churchill drive and being neighbors with the Cooks I of course also got to know Darren where he quickly became my first childhood crush. I also worked with Darren at Moirs where he had a huge circle of followers also known as his work friends. My husband Peter at one time tried to get him hired at the Coast Guard where it was during that physical the Dr informed Darren of a heart problem and let him know to see a Dr and that he would not be able to sign the certificate of health. Darren will always be remembered. Much peace and love to comfort you during this difficult time Mary Siteman-Jones

  • 01/03/2024

    Darren holds special memories with me.My two years living with him on my off day was remarkable.No more pain and easy for you now.Rest in peace with the angels D.

  • 01/03/2024

    The one liners you gave me to pick up girls, our trip to Newfoundland, countless laughs you gave me when I was kid. All of our conversations and time spent, I'll never forget.

  • 01/03/2024

    Darren I hope you're resting easy now, with your beloved hunting dog you spoke so fondly of.

  • 01/03/2024

    My condolences to Darren's family. Darren was my friend and he will always hold a special spot in my heart. Gayla Kiley

  • 01/02/2024

    Condolences to all the family. RIP Darren, you will be greatly missed. Loved all the conversations we had. You were one smart man.

  • 01/02/2024

    Our condolences to you and your family, sorry for your loss and thinking of you always.


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