Heather Anne Hatcher

Passed 12/05/2023


Obituary For Heather Anne Hatcher

It is with great sorrow and broken hearts that we announce the death of Heather Anne Hatcher of Halifax, 73 years old, who passed away from cancer in the early morning of December 05, 2023. She was the daughter of the late Freeman and Winnifred Hatcher of Roslyn Rd. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

She was the loving, caring, and fantastic partner of Bruce McOrmond for 31 years. She will be greatly missed by all her fantastic friends, neighbours, and family. She was greatly loved by all.

Heather enjoyed talking to friends, neighbours, and family. She was always available to any of them for support and help. She would listen to friends’ problems with empathy, care, and deep compassion, and had within her a deep well of human and humane wisdom.

She had a fantastic smile and used it as often as she could.

She loved anything outdoors - walking, kayaking, hiking in the woods and especially swimming. You could see her out swimming in water way too cold for all but the hardiest and enjoying every minute of it. Bayswater Beach was her favourite spot in the world with Siesta Key Florida being her second favourite.

An informal get together of remembrance will be held in the summer for friends, neighbours, and family with the date to be picked later. Afterwards she will be taken for her last swim at Bayswater Beach where her ashes will be released into the ocean that she loved so much.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society.

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  • 12/13/2023

    I have been struggling to find the right words to express my sorrow at Heather's passing. She started as a work mentor and quickly became one of my dearest friends. We shared challenging times and happy times together and on many occasions laughed until we cried. One of my fondest memories is lying on the beach with Heather at Bayswater in the dark watching shooting stars and listening to (what we hoped) was a fox rustling in the bushes. We were simply both in awe of nature that night in the darkness, both of us way too chicken to dip our toes in that frigid water. I will miss Heather. Even with our physical distance over the years, she was truly a wonderful friend and I feel blessed that she came into my life.

  • 12/11/2023

    The best memories I have of Heather was when we were children. We were only 2 months apart in age, and only daughters of our Mothers. We were together every Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, and many other times throughout the years. So many memories!

  • 12/10/2023

    It has always been wonderful to talk with Heather and no matter what was happening, the twinkle in her eye and her interest in how everyone was doing lit up our days and sent us on our way stronger and happier. We loved hearing about her swims and realized early on that she was truly a mermaid. We are so fortunate to have known her and she will be greatly missed. Especially when the ocean sparkles, we will smile and think of her. Sue Clarke

  • 12/10/2023

    Heather was my much loved sister in law for those 31 years. I couldn't have asked for a better one. Family reunions or Florida winters were always much more fun with Heather around sharing her smiles and talk, talk, talking. I will miss her very much. Gary McOrmond

  • 12/08/2023

    The beach. The sacred strand of sand. Where Heather swam in almost any wave-and-water condition. The joy of being weightless in the water, the pleasure of the stretch from every stroke and kick, the fun of riding up and over the waves, and the euphoria of the endorphin rush once we exited the ocean, was the perfect pleasure drug. How to get more of it? How to make it last longer? The answer was so simple. We had shortie wetsuits that enabled us to stay in the chilly water longer, as well as starting our swim season a little earlier in the spring, and ending it a little later in the fall. But after a while not even the shorties were enough. After several conversations, and some waffling, we said, "To Hell with it." We went to the dive shop and got ourselves full-body wetsuits. It was soooo very worth it! The first swim in the new suits was in late May, 2022. Water temperature was 8°C. Damn cold. We got into that frigid water and began to swim. In no time our hands and feet stopped hurting and went numb. Heather started doing "jazz hands," in a vain attempt to get the blood flowing. We stuck it out, laughing and giggling, for ten freezing minutes. Then we stumped out onto the sand and struggled with wooden hands to unfasten the new wetsuits, peel them off, and get into something warm and dry. It was terrific! At $250 for the wetsuit, our ten minutes rang up at $25 per minute. By November 3rd, our last swim for the 2022 season, the rate on the wetsuits was down to less than $0.50 per minute. Well worth the small cost for such immeasurable fun! That was Heather, to the core.

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