Robert Lawrence Eshelby

Passed 12/10/2023


Obituary For Robert Lawrence Eshelby

With heavy hearts we bid farewell to Robert Lawrence Eshelby, 66, who passed away at home in Blandford Dec.10th.

Born and raised in Montreal, Rob was the adopted son of mother Denyse Zee and father Roy Albert. Rob moved to Nova Scotia in the 70’s to help care for his grandmother Alia, and fell in love with the province. Rob was a man of generosity and pure heart- the first to show up with a helping hand. His days were filled with acts of service, showing us the power of a simple gesture of kindness.

As a pre-teen he spent two years at St. Johns School for Boys, an outward-bound school in Manitoba. Rob found sanctuary in the outdoors. From an 1800 mile voyager canoe trip at 12 years old, hiking with snow shoe treks, camping with his daughters, to the solitude of his kayaks, he loved nature.

An inquisitive man, Rob worked 27 jobs where he acquired a large variety of skills. For the last 28 years he was an active member of I.A.T.S.E 849, working in the film industry in the transport, electric, and grip departments.

Rob appreciated all things unique and unconventional. He had a talent for finding beauty in the unordinary- with a love for vintage cars, quirky vans, and broken machines, he collected bits and pieces.

Rob carried his youth to the end of his days and especially enjoyed playing with his grandchildren. He is survived by his partner Diana Warner-Redmond, his daughters Layla (Leslie) Crouse, Julia Chase-Eshelby (Cody Greenwood), grandchildren Morgan and River Greenwood, Nori (Lenore) Crouse, and Raine Hay, his step children Beqi White (Marcus Samland), Lecia Mancini, Jessie Redmond, Wylie Redmond (Ketevan Chigogidze), sister Dayle Eshelby, nephew Emiliano Void, cousins Laura Beraha, Allan Beraha, and Wendy LeMarquand, ex-partner and friend Gigi (Lawrence) Matthews,Diana's sister, Donna Warner-Sampson, brothers and sisters of the film industry, Art of Living, and many other friends.

Rob embraced death as he embraced life- with dignity and grace.

Jai Guru Dev, dear Rob (I acknowledge the divinity in you).

A celebration of life to be announced in the New Year.

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  • 12/28/2023

    Robert's soul, kin with Victor Stevens touched One and All with a deep remembrance of the act of Love.

  • 12/19/2023

    I met Rob in 2009, while working on the movie Moby Dick. He was perched on a counter weight, below a large model of a whaling boat, swinging back and forth, giving the boat the rocking motion of being at sea, making movie magic. I dubbed him "Cirque de Mob-ey" and it stuck throughout other shows I worked on, with him, over the next ten years and then beyond, when crossing paths. Rob was a bright light and a kind soul for this world and it is clear his brand of kindness and his bright light were needed elsewhere. Rest easy Cirque de Mob-ey. We won't feel burdened because you are gone, but we will smile because we knew you. If we all learn how to emulate one tenth of your kindness, the world will be far better off.

  • 12/17/2023

    I can't even bring myself to use the word "was" when talking about Rob. I'm at a loss. We worked side-by-side on the odd show. We would all plod along, doing our thing, and once in a while Rob would lift his head and say something randomly profound that would make me do a double-take. He would then return to his work while I stood there dumbfounded and marveling at the depth of his soul. Rob made a point of reminding people that they mattered, that they were noticed, and that they were appreciated. It was like he felt what you needed to hear, and he would just say it. It was awesome. Those random moments always made me realize how evolved and special he was. At such times with Rob, I would often feel like I had been fighting my way through a densely wooded forest only to come upon a single ray of sunshine that had, somehow, managed to cut through that dense growth. Exhausted, I would take a moment to bask in that ray, and then I would turn and plod on. I wish I could have had the chance, in turn, to let him know how much he was appreciated. Rob was cherished and he will be deeply missed. My heart goes out to his family and to all who knew him and loved him.

  • 12/16/2023

    Rob was "uncle Rob" to our family, he stayed with us several times during his work here in the city, and this is how he established "uncle" to our Children, he always would talk about his family at the end of his work night, they all meant the world to him! Rob was a wonderful kind person, who helped you out whenever you needed him, rest easy Rob, you will be truly missed. Condolences to the family

  • 12/16/2023

    Sweet Rob seemed to have a bottomless well of kindness, patience, and generosity. He quietly devined calmness in situations that would otherwise have been chaotic crisis. His humble but highly regarded influences have made a very meaningful impact in the film fam. He seemed to have not one foe but an unusually great number of dear friends. My sincere condolences to all his kin and close loved ones. He will be missed and remembered.

  • 12/16/2023

    I'll miss you Rob.. what a lovely guy.

  • 12/16/2023

    You have to like lifting things to do the job Rob did. And silence. With a splattering of talk now and then and with the right people. It took years to click with the right people I think and last summer we lifted movie cable through the woods at Beaverbank passing each other from moment to moment with tonnage on our shoulders in the trees in sun in good silence and some good talk and Jess's music blaring from the truck onto us and Rob stops to say 'I don't know what I did in the last life to deserve to be with such great people doing what we're doing but I must have done something right.'

  • 12/15/2023

    Rob was an excellent technician and his skills were matched by his personality & thoughtfulness. We were working on a film where we played a store (with a weird vibe that we both picked up on) as being on a First Nations reserve. Rob brought in some sweet grass & did a smudge, which I really appreciated & the scenes went off without a hitch. Rob's positivity & spirit enriched everyone he was near. He was a very good man.

  • 12/15/2023

    Rob was so special there are not enough words powerful enough to describe him, his generosity, his loyalty, and his knowledge. He's left a hole in the universe.

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